5 Best Weight loss Pills

Name Feature in the rating

1 Saxenda Relieves stress

2 Qsymia The most popular

3 Orlistat Allowed for lactating and pregnant women

4 Contrave Lack of side effects

5 Belviq Best for Seniors

The key to a healthy weight is proper nutrition and physical activity, in other words, diet and sports. You can't argue with that. But here's how to pacify an irrepressible appetite and make fat melt before our eyes without much effort? The resourceful Chinese have come up with a bunch of tools that, according to their assurances, can significantly reduce the size of the waist and other strategically important parts of the body. On peoplesmedshop, a whole section is dedicated to these miraculous pills.

However, do not rush to put all this beauty in the basket. There is no one-size-fits-all weight loss product. What suits one person will be useless for another. And among such products there are many "dummies" designed exclusively for the placebo effect, and there are also enough unsafe products. But not everything is so sad. You just need to know how to choose the right means for losing weight on peoplesmedshop.

All weight loss products can be divided into 2 groups: But our focus is just on pills

  1. for oral administration (dietary supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, tea and oils);

  2. for external use (plasters, creams, bracelets, etc.).

Their action is aimed at either suppressing appetite, blocking the absorption of fat, or both. They all have a number of contraindications. There is also a third group - massagers of various types, belts, corrective underwear.

However, keep in mind that miracles do not happen. Losing 10 kilograms in a week is unrealistic. But it is possible to remove extra folds on the abdomen, or to correct the line of the hips. But be careful when shopping. Always read the instructions and consult your doctor. And our selection will help you understand which products are best avoided and which should be considered more closely.

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