5 Best Best Sleeping Pills

Name Feature in the rating

1 Quaalude Relieves stress

2 Ambien The most popular

3 Lunesta Allowed for lactating and pregnant women

4 ProsoM Lack of side effects

5 Sonata Best for Seniors

It has long been known to everyone that a person spends a third of his life in a dream, and this, on average, 15-25 years. Such a natural process as sleep, being in a state of reduced reaction to the outside world, fills us with vitality and gives the organs an opportunity to rest, since  during the time  when a person is awake,  they  work more actively; sleep is a release for the soul and body. Sleep quality directly affects our quality of life and performance. Such a popular problem as interrupted, short sleep can harm our body, knocking down all life cycles, and developing diseases of internal organs.

Factors that can become the cause of insomnia, the most popular of them are:

  • Stress caused by increased mental stress;

  • Hormonal disbalance;

  • Central nervous system problems;

  • Traumatic brain injury;

  • Flights to other time zones;

  • Prolonged depression;

  • Age-related changes in the body.

Sleep, as experts say, should last 6-8 hours, and pass in phases, there are 4 of them, but they repeat, replacing each other many times. In a healthy person, the sleep process occurs according to the following plan:

  1. The person begins to fall asleep and the first phase of slow sleep begins (5-10 minutes);

  2. The second phase begins (20 minutes);

  3. Phase 3 abruptly gives way to the third and fourth phases (on average 40 minutes);

  4. There is a return to the second phase of slow sleep (20 minutes);

  5. The first episode of REM sleep occurs, lasting about 5 minutes.

This is called a "cycle" and there should be 5 of them, and with each onset of a new cycle, the duration of slow sleep decreases, and fast - increases. This is how healthy sleep works. In a person with sleep disorders, the phases are often interrupted and there is no cycle. As a result - frequent night awakenings, difficulty trying to sleep.

Sleep pills can help the body regulate sleep processes. Often, hypnotics have a sedative, sometimes mild tranquilizing effect, and vice versa - sedatives can induce sleep. But there is not always time to go to the doctor's office to get a prescription for sleeping pills. Our ranking of the best over-the-counter sleeping pills is a list of proven drugs.

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